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Spinal Nerve Chart Balanced Living Chiropractic
Nerve Function                       Dysfunction From Misalignment            

Stiff joints, pain between the shoulder blades, trouble raising the shoulders from bursitis or neuritis, tennis elbows or tendonitis, carpal tunnel syndrome or numbness and tingling in the hands

C1Blood Supply to the head and muscles of the scalp and inner and middle earStress headaches, chronic tiredness, dizziness and ringing in the ear

C2Sinuses, auditory nerves, tongue, forehead and the eyesAllergies, sinus problems, vascular congestion, weakness, sinus drainage, sneezing, hay fever, deafness

C3Teeth, cheeks, outer ear, gums and jawsTMJ related symptoms, facial pain, phantom tooth pain, swelling glands and throat

C4Nose, lips, mouth eustachian tubeHay fever, hearing loss, adenoids

C5Parathyroid glands and the point of the shoulder, down the arm and into first two fingers

C6Thyroid Gland and down the middle of the arm to the 3rd and 4th fingers

C7The shoulder blade and underneath the arm to the last two fingers

T1Forearms, esophagus and tracheaPain in forearms, asthma, cough, shortness of breath

T2Heart and arteriesFunctional heart conditions and certain chest conditions
T3T4Lungs and gall bladderBronchitis, pneumonia, gall bladder conditions
T5T10Liver, stomach, pancreas and spleen, kidneys and adrenalsLoss of energy and vitality, conditions in affected areas
T11T12Small intestines, kidneys, and urinary systemChronic infections, irregular bowel movements, diarrhea, cramps, digestive problems
L1L2Large intestines, bladder, appendix, abdomen, upper legConstipation, cramps, difficult breathing

L3Sex organs, uterus, bladder, kneesIrregular menstrual cycles for women & impotence or other sexual dysfunctions for men

L4Prostate gland, lower back muscles, sciatic nerveSciatica, lumbago, urination problems, backaches

L5Lower legs, ankles, feetWeak ankles and arches, cold feet, weakness in the legs, leg cramps