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Misalignment of the Spine

Proper spinal balance is critical in maintaining overall good health. Misalignment of the spine can cause problems throughout your entire body. Your body follows your head; if your head shifts, your body will naturally compensate by also shifting your back and pelvis. Result? Your spine becomes tight and distorted, causing your body to lock into a stressed posture. In layman’s terms, you’re “out of whack!”

What causes misalignment of the spine? Of course, there are the big things, like car accidents, sports injuries and certain degenerative diseases. But did you know that there are many daily activities, such as housework and laundry, that can cause misalignment? Chances are, you have participated in more than one of these activities:

  • Lifting and carrying groceries
  • Getting in and out of the car
  • Working at a desk / computer
  • Gardening
  • Shoveling snow
  • Changing a bed
  • Sitting in school
  • Sleeping

Our bodies are amazing - they will continue to function when misaligned, but not at 100%. When your spine isn’t properly aligned, your system is vulnerable and you are more prone to further injury. NUCCA practitioners offer preventative and corrective care; in order to fully recover and stabilize, proper maintenance is equally important. Once your spine is misaligned, it is extremely prone to further injury and/or relapse.

Every patient - and every misalignment - is different. During the initial healing process, your NUCCA Doctor will closely monitor and assess your progress, in order to ensure that your spine stays in a stable position. To get the most out of your NUCCA treatments, follow these simple guidelines in the initial days of healing:

  • Avoid strenuous activity and sports
  • Try to schedule plenty of rest
  • Avoid sudden or jarring movements

After the initial healing process, periodic checkups are recommended to maintain healthy balance. Your NUCCA Doctor will prescribe a customized maintenance plan and educate you on proper spinal care.